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Location: South Africa » Limpopo » Soutpansberg

The Soutpansberg Mountains are situated in the Northern Prov

The Soutpansberg is a vast dominating range of mountains, stretching in a mighty panorama from east to west across the northern reaches of the Northern Province of South Africa, is unique in its splendour and beauty. The myths and legends of the people of the Soutpansberg are interwoven into the mist-shrouded peaks and crags of these beautiful mountains. The trees, the plants and animals, many endemic to the region - ancient ruins of a people long gone - a legacy of rock engravings to mark the passage of the San hunters and gatherers many centuries before, combine to create fascinating insight into the Soutpansberg and its people.

Today the Soutpansberg mountains are a sanctuary for tourists. The parks and valleys offer much that is unusual. The tea estates, waterfalls and the sacred lake of Fundudzi are but a few of the many attractions. Tropical fruit farms welcome the tourist as do the many artists stalls and galleries. The Venda people are regarded amongst the finest artists in Africa and their original works are collected worldwide. Further north the Limpopo River forms the natural boundary with Zimbabwe. To the east lies the beautiful tropical Levubu valley where some of the finest fresh and processed fruits are available.

Further east the Kruger National Park offers some of the finest game viewing and birding in Africa. You will sense the compelling links with the past in the traditions and dances and you will leave filled with the mystery of Africa…And then you will come back to the Province of Peace to explore deeper the mighty Soutpansberg.