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Spioenkop Mountain - A battlefield of the Anglo Boer War

Spioenkop Mountain stands sentry over thorn savannah and water where visitors can see panoramas that stretch from hot valley bushveld across cool water to the Drakensberg Mountains often covered in snow in the winter in the Spioenkop Nature Reserve

Steeped in Anglo Boer War history, the reserve boasts a rich selection of wildlife including white rhinoceros, giraffe and a variety of plains and bushveld antelope. The abundance and variety of species assures visitors a rewarding game experience.

Spioenkop Mountain is the site of the infamous Battle of Spioenkop which took place in 1900 where the British suffered one of their worst defeats of that period. The Battlefield is accessible by road and the 360 degree view from the summit can only be described as spectacular.

The Spioenkop dam offers opportunities for a variety of water-sports and there is a road network open to tourists.

From Spioenkop reserve there are views of the Drakensberg Mountains which extend from Giants Castle, to the Sentinal in Royal Natal National Park.The northern section of the reserve is a designated hunting area where limited controlled hunting packages are offered by public tender each year.